How to Become a Sportscenter Anchor

How to Become a Sportscenter Anchor

If you are considering a career in sports, you may wonder how to become a sportscenter anchor. There are many different things you can do to increase your chances of landing this coveted position. Before you apply, you need to understand the job duties and education requirement. Once you have completed your education, you can begin to look for networking opportunities.

Career path

A career in sports broadcasting is a promising career path for anyone who loves sports personalities. You’ll need extensive knowledge of a wide variety of sports, as well as a love of presenting the news in a straightforward manner. You’ll be required to interview athletes and understand all aspects of the game, including its nuances and the emotions that accompany it.

Kevin Negandhi is a native of West Philadelphia and joined ESPN in 2006. He is one of the most prominent SportsCenter personalities today. His parents are originally from India and he is a first-generation Indian-American. Despite his modest beginnings, his eloquence and natural humor have helped him establish himself as a likable TV host.

Internships are an important part of many career paths and can help you learn about the different aspects of the industry. Internships also give you a chance to meet professionals in your desired field. They can provide invaluable insights and inspire you to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.

A college degree can help you break into the sports industry. Some anchors have the advantage of having experience in several fields. Many of them have worked in a variety of news organizations, including newspapers, sports networks, and magazines. Depending on your background, you may even be able to host your own show.


If you’re interested in a career in sports journalism, you may want to consider becoming a sportscenter anchor. You may not know the ins and outs of every sport, but the duties of a sportscenter anchor are similar to those of a sports reporter. Fortunately, ESPN has many job openings for aspiring sports anchors. To land an interview at ESPN, it’s helpful to have experience in sports journalism.

The duties of a sportscenter anchor include research, writing, reporting, and interviewing. Many anchors also do website work and are available on social media. These anchors must have in-depth knowledge of sports and a strong writing style. They must also have excellent communication skills. In addition to being familiar with various sports, they must be able to interview athletes and deliver news and information in an effective and easy-to-understand manner.

Max McGee, a recent Temple University graduate, was hired by ESPN in late January to anchor the network’s flagship sports show. McGee spent the last two years as an anchor at WJZ-TV in Baltimore, where he covered the Baltimore pro sports teams and the University of Maryland. After working in a sports station, he reached out to ESPN’s Rob King and auditioned. Within days, he was offered the position.

Education required

A bachelor’s degree is generally required for a job as a sportscenter anchor. Most anchors study journalism, communication, or audiovisual communications technology. However, there is a range of education levels. The majority of sportscenter anchors have a bachelor’s degree, with just five percent holding an associate’s degree. To determine what education is required for a job as a sportscenter anchor, consider looking at resumes for sports anchors and sportscasters.

SportsCenter is a popular TV show on ESPN, and anchors must have at least a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. In 2006, ESPN hired Kevin Negandhi, the first Indian-American to anchor a national sports network. Negandhi describes a typical SportsCenter show as requiring nine hours of preparation.

Before joining ESPN as an anchor, Hall worked as a sportscaster for ESPNEWS. His duties included calling college football games, co-hosting college football coverage, and producing a podcast. While he did have a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism, he decided to pursue a career in sports broadcasting instead. He worked for television stations throughout the South, including Nashville and Atlanta. He eventually landed a job as a sportscenter anchor and co-anchor of the 6 p.m. ET SportsCenter show. He describes his relationship with Ley as “a good friend.”

Networking events

ESPN recently cut 100 employees, including several SportsCenter anchors, and there’s a void in the network’s newsroom. The newsroom has lost a number of top talent, including Chris Hassel, Jay Crawford, and Jade McCarthy, among others. SportsCenter’s new daytime format includes three teams of two anchors working two-hour shifts.


If you have an extensive knowledge of sports, you may want to consider pursuing a career as a sportscenter anchor. This position requires research and reporting skills, and may involve interviewing sports stars and athletes. Anchors may also work on websites. In addition to having a wide knowledge of sports, anchors must be clear communicators.

As a sportscenter anchor, you will work closely with the production team. The show is filmed around six times a day, and anchors spend up to nine hours per episode. A typical episode is made up of several segments, and the anchors work on last-minute changes with the production crew.

Applicants must possess a high level of communication skills and be able to multi-task. They should also be flexible enough to travel and work under pressure. The salary for this role is around $15 per hour, with the possibility of an increase as an experienced anchor. A sportscenter anchor’s salary can start at about $85,000 per year, and it is likely to increase with experience. As a sportscenter anchor, your salary will likely be significantly higher than that of a news anchor.

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