Why Is Set-Too-High Used?

Why Is Set-Too-High Used?

Have you ever heard the expression “Set-too high?” If so, you are not alone. The phrase is often used in a negative way, indicating that the speaker is overreacting and does not realize the effect it is having. But do you know why it is used? There are a few reasons why it is used in this way, and the answers may surprise you.


Writing a setting is an important part of creating a good story. It is a way to create a realistic world for your readers and sets the tone for your story. For example, a horror story needs a dark environment, while a light-hearted romantic comedy needs a light environment. In order to create a realistic world, you must learn the basic principles of setting.

A good setting should have a relationship with the main character, and should challenge or assist them as needed. There are several options for how to incorporate a setting into your story. The first one is to make it realistic, which means allowing your main character to interact with it realistically. The second one is to use the setting as a challenge.

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